Award of the Privasee SEAL

The Privasee SEAL is evidence that your organisation is practicing data protection by design by default principles as stipulated in the GDPR. There are 5 domains to which a score of 80% must be achieved: Responsible data handling, sharing personal data legally, privacy risks, security and data subject rights. The score is preset at zero, and has an algoritm behind it which requires some work to increase the score. If there is no activity, the score will start to reduce automatically.Points can be earned in two ways:
  1. Updates to registers, this can be creation of a new record, e.g. risk, or change of a record, e.g. close a risk;
  2. Completion of an internal audit, which maybe necessary for two reasons:
    • You are in the process to earn the Privasee SEAL, and this is a pre-requisite;
    • The SEAL has been awarded, and there is no activity in a specific activity, e.g. data subject rights, and an internal audit is required in order to maintain 80%.